Friday, September 9, 2011

Yellow (sort of)

I think I mixed the paint too thin. Way too thin. I was trying to make three different shades of yellow, but it was more like one different shade of urine. Of course it was better smelling, but still, there was very little color left behind on the wet paper. Oh well, live and learn! The girls had fun anyway.

I don't think they fought over their painting supplies, which were as close to identical as I could get them, even one time. Amazing. Did I mention that in addition to excessively diluting the paint, I forgot all about the story to introduce the color and the contemplative music? So we skipped the story and listened to the Beatles sing about sun and submarines.

See what I mean about the color barely showing up? This was before Max poured half her rinse water out while trying to remove the sponge she stuck in the jar.

Ah yes, the sponges. Definitely the star accessory today. And the snowman dress. Because nothing says "back to school" like snowmen. Nothing.

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