Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Anthro Inspired Snow Scene

It's no secret that I spend a little too much time in our local Anthropologie. I try to slip in by myself whenever possible, but it's fun even if I have to bring the girls, because they love it too!

Last time we were there, Lissie kept pointing out the little deer-and-trees-in-a-cake-stand-displays scattered around the store. She really, really wanted to buy one, but they weren't for sale. And who am I kidding? They probably would have been out of my seasonal decorating budget anyway!

Here is a picture of one of the ones we saw at Anthropologie:

This is really simple and cheap to put together if you already have a cake stand. Which we do. Remember our terrarium? It didn't do well (but at least it didn't stink the second time the plants died!).

And on the bright side, that meant that our cake stand was available for seasonal crafting.

I'm pretty sure we have a plastic deer, but I couldn't find it, so I bought one at Michael's, along with some gold paint, fake snow, and tiny trees. I borrowed one of the larger pieces from our set of tree blocks, but you can buy those at Michael's too.

I painted the top of the deer gold. You could definitely skip this step, but we like things shiny.

Holiday themed snacks are always a plus when doing something like this.

All you really have to do is arrange everything in a pleasing manner on the base of the cake stand, and sprinkle it with fake snow. Ours is obviously not to scale, but all of the taller trees were too tall.

And, the finished product. Easy peasy. Even with two sticky handed little helpers.