Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Dolls We Made

We were going to make Star Babies to go with our Michaelmas story this week, but I didn't make it to the store. Instead, I hunted around the house to see what I had on hand (noticing a theme here?). I came up with 4 playsilks, some stuffing, some wool batting, a few bits of string, and a short while later we had these simple, no sew dolls.

The girls had a lot of fun making them and really seem to enjoy them, despite the extremely odd "skin" colors. There was no cutting or sewing, so should the girls ever completely lose interest, we can always deconstruct them back into playsilks.

Maxine even said her first grammatically correct sentence today when her doll's hood fell off. "My doll broke." Fortunately, it was an easy fix.

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