Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paper Princesses

So, you know those weeks where one of the kids gets sick and it goes on for a few days and just when you are thinking maybe it's only going to be the one, the next one gets sick, then suddenly you're sick too and so is your husband, and the last child is right behind? Then everybody is sick and miserable and not getting any rest and what seems like it should have been a simple cold lasts for two weeks? And suddenly it's the weekend your husband is going out of town and taking only one child with him. And of course that's the weekend the boiler goes out.

Yeah, so do we.

But the good news is, our boiler is working again and aside from Max's runny nose, everybody is healthy. I admit, we've not done much schooling. Everybody got sick right around the time we read The Paper Princess Finds Her Way and I had planned to make our own paper princesses that Wednesday, but Lissie  spontaneously made her own on Tuesday, on Wednesday, and then again on Thursday.

So we ended up with quite a few of them. I had plans for something a little more elaborate, but I think these are sweet. I also think we may have started out with a few more, but they must be off having adventures.

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