Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fifteen True Facts About My Day

1.  As soon as Brad got home, I went to the store just to get out of the house and away from the kids.
2.  I stopped to get gas on the way, and almost started crying because I didn't have my wallet.
3.  Actually, I did have my wallet, but it was in the console between the seats instead of in my purse.
4.  I vaguely remembered putting it in there the other day, but not why I did it.
5.  When I got to the store, a woman smiled at me and held the door.
6.  Then I did start crying.
7.  Yes, I should probably be starting my period any moment now.
8.  While I was in the bathroom, I realized I was still wearing the ponytail holder Lissie "made" me. The one where she took a blonde colored ponytail holder, that totally doesn't match my hair, and tied little pieces of light blue fold over elastic all around it to make ruffles.
9.  I listened to the song Gloria by Laura Branigan the whole way to the store.
10.  And the whole way home.
11.  While driving home, I ate six Newman's caramel cups. That's six individual cups, not six packages.
12.  (although if I had six packages, I might have eaten them all)
13.  I still felt grumpy when I got home.
14.  Until I pulled into the driveway and saw our house all lit up, which gave me a nice cozy feeling.
15.  And when I saw the jack-o-lanterns the girls carved with Brad while I was out, sitting on the porch with candles in them, my heart melted.

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