Saturday, March 16, 2013

To Market, To Market

I'm still putting off working on the "complicated" dress and skirt I started last week, and what better way to procrastinate than by making another simple skirt?

This was a new pattern for me. I used the Market Skirt tutorial from Made, and while it's not as simple as the Lazy Day skirt pattern (but then, what is?), it was easy to follow and went together pretty quickly. I skipped the pockets, because I didn't want them to compete with the pattern on the fabric I used.

Other than that, I followed the pattern pretty closely. I had a little trouble with the double layer of fabric for the bottom piece, so instead of using two separate layers, I made my pieces twice as long as the pattern called for, and folded them in half lengthwise. I took her suggestion of doing a double line of stitching at the hem, even though there really wasn't a hem, because of the way the piece was folded. I love the way it looks though, and as you can see, I'm a big fan of topstitching anyway.

Max loves it too, although when she first saw the skirt she said that she wouldn't wear it, because it wasn't red and it didn't have ribbon at the hem. Fortunately, she changed her mind.

She says that the boots she is wearing are her Wonder Woman boots. She wouldn't put on pants or tights "because Wonder Woman doesn't wear tights. She has bare legs, and so do I!" And who am I to argue with logic like that?

Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the fabric I used for this one, and it wasn't on the selvedge of the piece I bought. I used white Kona cotton for the hem and waistband, and I'm happy with how well it worked. I was afraid the Kona would be too stiff (it's not my first choice for clothing), but it seems to work well in this particular pattern.

I'm definitely planning to make more of these soon. This skirt uses less than half a yard of patterned fabric, so it's the perfect way to use up some of the smaller pieces I have sitting around here. Maybe I'll even use some of the precious Heather Ross fabrics I've been hoarding. Maybe.

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