Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Simple Skirt

Although fall is my favorite time of year, spring is a close second. We've had a few warm days recently, letting us know that spring is finally on its way, and one of my favorite things about spring is sewing. It's not that I couldn't sew during any season, it's just that my sewing repertoire is limited to little girls' summery dresses and skirts. So spring always puts me in the mood to sew.

I've been working on a dress for Maxine and a skirt for Lissie, using slightly complicated patterns. Which is fine, except that I really love the instant gratification of a project that I can start and finish in the same day. Sometimes I need to take a break from the bigger things and just finish something.

I made this skirt this afternoon. I used one of my favorite patterns, the Oliver + S Lazy Days skirt pattern. I love it. It uses just one piece of fabric, and I think the ribbon trim at the hem adds just the right touch. I had a few colors that would have worked with this fabric, but I went with pink because it's Lissie's favorite color.

I spotted this fabric at the fabric store the other day. It's a quilt weight cotton called Scenic, from the Tribute to Monet line. I don't usually use panels like this, but it seemed perfect for a skirt for Lissie. The repeat is actually 24 inches, but still worked well in the half yard piece I needed for Lissie's skirt.

I've been making these skirts for years, since she was a size 4 (I think Maxine will be wearing those skirts next summer). She's a size 8 now, but the 44" width still works. It probably helps that she likes things less poufy these days.

Easy, adorable, and the pattern is free!

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