Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, Feingold Style

This is our second Halloween on Feingold. Last Halloween was right after we started Feingold, and we really had no idea Lissie wouldn't be able to eat any of the candy she got. I look back at our inexperienced selves and kind of laugh at us checking the book to see if any of it was safe (it wasn't).

Lissie did collect for Unicef, which seemed like a good idea, but a lot of people didn't have change (we never do!) so she still ended up with a lot of candy. You tell could she was disappointed when she found out she couldn't have any of it, even if she did understand why. One of our sweet friends baked Halloween cupcakes and sent one over for Lissie so she could have a treat. Unfortunately, we didn't know that unsalted butter was an issue for Lissie (something to do with the mysterious "natural flavors") and we ended up with a meltdown/reaction anyway.

Fortunately, we had a better plan in place this year. We warned her ahead of time that she wouldn't be able to eat any candy and told her to make sure to say "thank you" and not "hey, I can't eat this!  It has artificials!" or something similar. She did really well with that, only telling a few neighbors we know pretty well that she wouldn't be eating her treats.

You might be wondering why we went out at all, if she can't eat the candy. We went because it's fun.  And because of the Halloween Fairy. Legend has it, if you leave your treat bag outside your bedroom door when you go to bed, the Halloween Fairy will come in the night and whisk away your candy, leaving treats in its place.

Even better, when we got home it was still early enough for trick-or-treating. Lissie had never handed out candy before and thought it sounded fun, so she dumped all of her candy into a bowl and she and Brad got rid of every single piece. Then she wrote a sweet note telling the Halloween Fairy why she didn't have any candy.

Maxine was a princess.  Lissie was Spider Girl for trick-or-treating. I am sure it won't surprise anybody to hear that she likes to wear a different costume for each event, so she was also a flower for the harvest party at the Children's Museum and a princess for the Halloween party she went to while she and Brad were in Atlanta.

Candy image credit: Flickr user Juushika Redgrave


  1. So fickle they are at that age... some times at any age! I love though that she wrote that note!!!

  2. She will change her outfit so many times some days, it's crazy! This reminds me that I need to scan in the note before I lose it, or she discovers it sitting around!