Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Donsey of Gnomes

Did you know that a group of gnomes is called a donsey?

Here is a donsey of gnomes that I made for a stocking stuffer exchange over at Homespun Waldorf.

Lissie helped me glue on the hats tonight while we wondered what adventures they might have in their new homes. I hope they bring lots of joy to the children who find them in their stockings on Christmas morning.

Lissie made a baby gnome just for Maxine, too.

Oh, and speaking of adventures, here is the gnome I made Lissie last year for Christmas. I found her under a pile of leaves in the backyard. I wish she could tell us what she was busy doing out there all summer!


  1. The little gnome you sent I gave to my youngest son, Ted (5 - although very nearly 6 as he keeps reminding me). He has become a magical wizard gnome! Thank you so much! x

  2. I am so glad he's enjoying it! They're really fun to make, but my girls really don't need very many, so I love making them for other people.

  3. What a cute blog you have!! I was given your blog by your sister in law deena :) - i met her at a local coffee shop.

    She found out I was a blogger and so she wanted to share yours with me ;-)

  4. Thanks so much. Of course Deena would be out there telling people about my blog, that is so like her! :)